Corporate real estate

Strategy and implementation

What we do

Time-tested advice.

RealFMG is a corporate real estate strategy and implementation firm. We have worked extensively over the last 20 years to develop processes, methodologies and tools that give our clients minimum risk and maximum reward when it comes to their corporate real estate needs. As a firm we have been involved in the successful implementation of countless real estate transactions; transactions that measure in billions of Rands.

We act on behalf of any client that needs help with commercial or industrial real estate strategy, implementation or technical advice, and on principle we work independently of all landlords or any other real estate group. To better guide our clients, we provide them with a variety of services in relation to corporate real estate.

We offer strategic real estate, advice and implementation for our clients. We link corporate strategy to corporate occupancy helping tenants and occupiers to better understand and leverage the capacities of real estate in pursuit of their objectives.

Our philosophy


We work on a simple philosophy – Find. Resolve.

First, we find the right question, which requires resolve. Then we resolve the answer which takes exploration.

For RealFMG, there is no greater power than determined investigation; searching, questioning, and analysing to uncover and absorb every bit of knowledge. We are driven to understand precisely what our clients’ corporate real estate needs are to ask the right question, the right way and to find the answer to it.

So, we ask, and ask and ask some more, while collecting all the facts. And even when we think we’ve found the answer; we question it again. Using our skills and tools, we sift through all the information, facts, figures and clauses. We never underestimate the value that each one carries.

Carefully, we consider all our findings, on their own, and together, to resolve our clients’ real need. Every fact is distilled into a clear and compelling answer that speaks to their aspirations and benefits their business. We give them a definitive answer that empowers them with the confidence to take the best possible action.

How we work


Before we make any assessment or give our clients any advice, we ask questions; tirelessly and purposefully until we arrive at the essential question to be answered. That question can only be stated confidently once we understand what our clients’ need or intend from their corporate real estate platform. With dogged focus on our clients’ business aspirations, RealFMG’s implemented solutions put our clients where they need to be.

The people behind RealFMG

Our team is made up of a group of highly skilled, professional people with the backing of years of industry-specific experience in the optimisation of real estate portfolios, services and transactions. Our people bring integrity, experience and knowledge to empower our clients with compelling and clear answers to all their real estate questions

What we offer

Services for solutions.

RealFMG contains corporate real estate costs for its clients. Our services significantly reduce the amount of time clients must spend resolving their real estate issues. We analyse every bit of information to get to our clients’ genuine needs, while always asking the right questions. Then we methodically distil a solution that benefits them.

Through this process we do more than just offer our clients a choice of effective solutions, we aim to give them a sense of understanding and guide them through the vastness of the corporate real estate world.